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Date: 2011-03-21 13:49
Subject: The last week - in Bulletpoint fun!
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Don’t really have time for a full update, so with that in mind. I present to you, what I’ve been doing recently. In Bulletpoint-o-rama.


  • Cycled the A58 over the weekend.  Man than was a trip and a half. Update on Ruinmikeyslife some time this week. I currently can’t walk properly – it was THAT good
  • Victoriana.  The Website should be live in a week or so, the rules I am very happy with, the background is coming together and we already have bookings. Even though bookings isn’t officially open yet. Bought a Gramophone, which really needs work and every day adds something new to the game. All very exciting.
  • Still Single. Not an issue. I’m not in a crazy mad rush to find anybody crazy or mad.
  • I’ve seemingly taken up a new style.  I’m now rocking “Geography Teacher Chic”. This may be something to do with me buying a couple of Harris Tweed jackets.  But they’re soooo nice.
  • Work continues to be so much more difficult with the new system. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s a train with a flame thrower attached to the front, but still – a change is as good as a rest

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Date: 2011-02-22 15:08
Subject: Victoriana
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So very figuring out Victoriana at the moment. At present I’m really pleased with how we’re doing.  Something I’ve realised is that if you tally up everything you spend on a game, it’s totally impossible to break even.  Seriously, if it’s not a labour of love, then you’ve not got a chance. The rules are really shaping up and the background is turning out nicely.  A website is being designed as we speak and a web domain has been bought. I’m waiting for the chap from Hebden Hey getting back to me confirming free weekends. We’re looking at either 2-4 September or the 23-25 of September at the moment. Neither of which have other games on them. There’s no way of picking a date that doesn’t have something on it, it’s simply impossible. I would hope that people would not take it personally if the game is on an important date for them. It isn’t personal.


One thing I’ve found dreadfully hard is pricing.  Now I know how much the game is going to cost, but I’m curious what people would expect to pay for an indoor accommodation, fully catered (Friday Dinner, Saturday Breakfast, Saturday Elevenses, Saturday Luncheon, Saturday High Tea, Saturday Roast Dinner, Saturday Supper, Sunday Breakfast and Sunday Elevenses), 24 hour time in game.


Whatever people say is not going to affect the prices we charge so much as allow us to know that we’re on the ball with what we’re charging.


And yes, that is a lot of food. Looking forward to it.

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Date: 2011-02-10 15:26
Subject: (no subject)
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Piece of crap new system!!!

That is all
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Date: 2011-02-08 12:36
Subject: The Last Week
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Work has been a bit of a nightmare in the last few weeks. I work in a support office for about 100 sales guys for a healthcare company. Now we've got a new product coming out in March and whilst the product is rather spiffy, it means training 100 guys with an average age of 55 on the new iPad application. Without training ourselves. Or iPads. And a buggy application that is still being tested. FUN! no really FUN!

Fortunately I got to get a couple of days off last week so I managed to cram a bit of fun into my life.

Firstly I went to see a Fortune Teller with the delightful Miss Illy. Now I don't believe in that sort of thing. Personally I believe tarot cards are an item to make an authoritarian placebo, in the same way that a Lab coat will make people believe things. You tell somebody good advice and they'll accept it better if you have a headscarf on and look at a playing card first.  Despite my misgivings I really enjoyed it. Mari'e (the fortune teller) was a lovely old lady and we chatted about all manner of nonsense in the 10 minutes that I had with her. She gave some good advice and whilst I don't think she read my aura, saw my gran or read my future in my random shuffling, I'm going to take that advice as it is. She told me that somebody called Paul is leaving and it will be a good thing.

I told the housemate, he's taking it well. I might need another housemate.

After that I pretended to be married and got a Costco card. I bought the essentials. Pixie Sticks and Whisky. All the body needs.

Taking my bounty, I jumped on a train and went to see Gemma. Now Gemma is my best mate and I'm hers, so it was lovely to see her for a couple of days. There was giggles and stupidity. Wine and Chick flicks.  I watched Black Swan, which is a brilliant and visionary. Not as good as The Kings Speech, in my opinion, but still bloody good.

Then it was back to Bolton and on Sunday I enjoyed a game of Ed Fortune run Rogue Trader.

In Summary, a really good set of days. I need more like them. 

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Date: 2011-02-02 13:58
Subject: January 2011
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I was going to write a long rambling email about January and all that has happened in January. That 2011 was going to be better than 2010 and that the jury was still out on that one. About the people I love, the people I hate, the people I want to love and the people I want to hate.

But that sounds like a bit whingy.  There's too much whining on the internet already.

So, I'm good - how's you?
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Date: 2011-01-29 18:49
Subject: (no subject)
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Just a quick reminder. lady_dinosaurus and arachne  (and me) will be in Manchester tomorrow at Trof  from 12 noon. Come along, we're excellent company if I do say so myself.
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Date: 2011-01-19 14:35
Subject: Manchester people!
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You should feel blessed as the lovely and engaging lady_dinosaurus will be in Manchester over the weekend of the 29th of January. She's in town for burlesque reasons and finds herself wanting a pub lunch on Sunday the 30th. Whilst I don't have a Ruin Mikey's Life Challenge that says I should enjoy drinks and good food with attractive pink haired ladies, I consider it good form to do so as often as I can.

You too should join us. You know you should.

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Date: 2010-12-30 14:20
Subject: Brain Dump
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I'm not doing very well at the moment.  I'm not particularly depressed, just lonely. Generally okay, just a little bit isolated.Something to consider for 2011.

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Date: 2010-12-22 11:02
Subject: Sad
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One of the chaps at work, lovely guy and friend died of swine flu related illnesses last night.  Mostly we're in shock at the moment.  We thought he was getting better. No idea what to do.
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Date: 2010-12-16 12:04
Subject: In which Mikey is annoyed at Christmas...
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Tags:christmas rant

I’m not a big fan of Christmas. Perhaps it’s because it’s in winter (which I’m also not a fan of) but for us single folks, Christmas is just a reminder of how you’ve not done as well as others. “Look”, it tells you, “you’ve not got a loved one to enjoy this with, no children to share the magic, aren’t you pathetic”


Oh it’s a magic time of the year.


Not this year. I’m sick of this seasonal depression and refuse to allow this jumped up toy advert of a holiday to dictate what I do with my life.


I shall be spending Christmas enjoying the fact that where I am in life right now is not an unfortunate accident but by design and on any give day during the rest of the year I am perfectly happy with my situation. Yes I would like to find that special somebody at some point, maybe have kids (or at least a good excuse to get a Scaletrix) but that’s not happened yet and rushing into things is just going to turn a good life into a crappy one.


Got that Christmas?  Got that?

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