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The Laboratory of Dr Kaos

We do the wierd stuff

electrokin - I first met Mikey in 1853 in the Crimea. I was stuck immediately that this, without any shadow of a doubt, the finest Batman a young officer could have. Well mannered and well spoken, a man who knows where the port is and can serve a cheesy dip without sniggering.

ash1977law - When Police Officer Michael Long is betrayed and shot in the head during a stakeout, his life is saved when the bullet deflects off the metal plate in his skull - the result of an injury sustained in the Vietnam War; his face, however, is horrifically damaged… When he comes to, Michael learns that after being officially declared dead, he has been brought under the medical care of the Knight Foundation, a philanthropic organisation owned by billionaire Wilton Knight. Knight explains that he is dying from a fatal disease, but hopes that his life’s crusade of helping the helpless will live on in his new protégé. With the aid of reconstructive surgery the young officer is given a new face and identity – that of ‘Michael Knight’ – access to an advanced prototype car equipped with an artificial intelligence named K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand), and offered a job fighting crime for F.L.A.G. – the Foundation for Law And Government…

kmazzy - I LOVE YOU!

marcushill - Official records show that Mikey was born, which just goes to show how easily these things can be faked.

esoteroticist - I owe a debt not only of gratitude, but also of vitality to Mikey. I am eternally grateful for his sterling - and almost invisible! - work with the needle, and for the time he took to scour the morgues and graveyards of several cities to find me matching limbs. I am happy to say that the reanimation was almost entirely successful - my only remaining issues are occasional lapses of concentration and inconvenient pitchforks. Thank you, Mikey, for the gift of a second life. Keep charging those electrodes!

batelf Originally created as an amalgam of ideas for the 1929 World's Fair, Dr Kaos escaped settled in the Belgian Congo. Many years of hermititude later, he emerged to spread his version of wild oats, “really furious oats”. Travelling the globe (which he intends to prove is in fact a cube), Dr Kaos undertook an outstanding tenure of 37 minutes 2 seconds as the Associate Professor of Advanced Tomfoolery at MIT. Little is known of what he did after leaving but he has finally returned, probably with some diabolical scheme for world conquest or more likely just to demand an unlimited supply of Jaffa Cakes.

redhillian - Wait - who?